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Women's Pajamas with attitude

 Let your pants do the talking with women's pajamas from Passive Aggressive Pajamas. Our pajamas display sayings that you choose, from you're not the boss of me, to they can wax that.  I'm sure you'll find one to make you smile. 

After my many years (and those of my friends) in divorce court and life in general, I realized that the world operates with an enormous amount of passive aggressiveness.  Why not just admit it, proclaim it, own it, and make your feelings known?

It's really what you're thinking anyway.

Your pjs won't solve world hunger, stop the ice caps from melting, cure the greenhouse effect or acne, make you look thinner or create world peace, but they just might lighten your mood.  What more could anyone ask for from pjs?  Seriously?

The pjs are hand stamped, each unique.  I was going to say crafted with love, but actually inked with snarkiness, if that's a word.


Check out our shortslong pajama sets, pajama pants, short pajama sets. capri pants and t-shirts made of 100% cotton jersey. Available in women's size small to extra-large comes in a variety of colors, prints, and styles.  Please note that the pj shorts run SMALL 

Customize your pajamas by choosing from our selection of passive aggressiveness—we have over 100 sayings that are sure to suit your mood and attitude.

These pjs are also great for party favors as well.  And also for that "special" someone.

New in stock, wristband bracelets with embossed snarky sayings.  We have: 1" hot pink, you're not the boss of me (B1) , 1/2" red, carpe diem bitch, (B2), 1/2" light pink, Really? (B3) 1" light blue, bitch please (B4) 1/2" grey with black lettering bitch please (B5).   More to come.



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